A million miles in a thousand years

million miles in a 1000.jpgI’ve finished Donald Miller’s “A million miles in a thousand years” and I’m really glad that I read it.
The subtitle or tag line is “What I learned while editing my life” and it serves as a pretty good guide to the book. Miller is the author of the hugely successful “Blue Like Jazz“, a semi-autobiographical series of stories about the authors own life, encounters and faith journey. ‘Million Miles‘ is what happens when he is approached for the story of ‘Blue Like Jazz‘ to become a film.
What Miller discovers is that you can’t make a film of Blue Like Jazz or even Millers own life as the movie would: a) not work, and b) be too boring. (they must instead make a story that enables the telling of the Blue Like Jazz story). This sends him into a wrestling with what story is and isn’t, and then as a result further into the question of ‘what is the story we choose to live?’ The book is funny, moving and even uncomfortable at times as the author (and hence the reader) meet the challenge of the choices we make or fail to make.
I thought Millers critique of societal expectations of posessions or relationships offering completeness was particularly well explored, challenged and contextualised.
Like I said, I’m really glad I read the book. It’s full of great stories and in the telling challenges us as to the stories we choose to tell (live). Miller also encourages us to be a little more Danish! (You’ll have to read the book to find out why)
ht to Stu von henneheizungmeister who brought me the book back from the states

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  1. Murray,
    I tried to drop it round last night but no one home. Suspected that posting it through the door was not a good idea as there was a wolf like barking and door hammering going on … which suggested that the book would be digested in a different way to the one I had envisioned

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