Vanfest, oh yes!

I am incredibly excited about this weekend and a visit to Vanfest, the worlds largest VW Transporter show.
I’m not just going to oggle the pristine models owned by the VW elite, although that will be fun. I also need to hit the ‘Auto Jumble’ to find a replacement section of bumper, a door handle and better mirrors, I need to find out how to take the rear windows out to treat the rust and I need to find a supplier of flooring as ours seems to have dissolved below the carpet (fortunately the metal is all in tact). Oh and I really need to find a Haynes manual for the T4 …. and whatever the camper van Bible is.
lesser vehicles will be clmaped sign.jpgI’m still loving having Charlie the camper van. Life at 60 mph (or slower) with an on-board kettle is very mellow indeed. Every so often I get this massive angst in which my internal voice of reason delivers an entire lecture along the lines of, “How big an idiot are you for blowing your money on a rusting, 19 year old vehicle that is probably going to be too expensive to maintain!” But then I see the van, smile and feel a delightful sense of well being.
On the way into Oxford from the office I always cycle past a large green T3 that has written on it, “It’s a Van thing!” I guess I know what they mean now.
So, Vanfest here I come. I think the parking signs (as per example) will be quite specific.

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  1. The VW is extremely versatile, I went to the Vintage Festival at Goodwood and a VW was the work of art, painted black for festival goers to express themselves, brilliant use for the redundant VW.

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