On the blue stuff

With quite a bit of weekend and evening work on at the moment I carved out another mid-week escape today.
Myself and the kayak were on the road by 8:30 this morning (in the car I should add to pre-empt any mocking comments) and heading south towards Bournemouth, Poole, the Chain-Ferry and beyond. The weather was unbelievably good and I even had to dig some suntan cream out before raiding the cafe for a bacon butty and launching onto Studland bay.
bay view.jpg
I had a great couple of hours kayaking, venturing out to Old Harry Rocks and a leisurely paddle back across the bay. Had a tense moment near the rocks, enjoyed much mellowness, practised rolling (close but unsuccessful) and practised (as a result) self rescue, draining and getting back in boat in open water (successful).
I really really want to be a proficient sea kayaker but am still a bumbling amateur (didn’t dare venture round Old Harry Rocks where the sea was doing some interestingly bumpy and tidal stuff). Smiled when I spotted the Lifeboat out in the bay and wondered if someone had warned them I was on the water.
Great day though and learnt a bit more!