Lifecall event

Blog release from CPAS as follows:
lifecall stepping stones.jpg“A new CPAS event, lifecall will help young people aged 16-25 explore God’s call on their lives and help them work out their ‘next steps’.
You may have already identified young people in your church who have the potential for a future in ordained ministry or leadership of some other kind. If so, please suggest this event to them – or even come along to the event with them.
Alternatively, you may just want to come along yourself and find out what the event is all about. Hopefully, we’ll then persuade you to invite somebody else to a future event”
20th October, details: lifecall invitation 1.pdf

5 Replies to “Lifecall event”

  1. Hey….I am going to have to mention the Papal visit,why? Well just because….. the church has been in crisis and it is the beginning of a long journey of reconciliation.But Saturday as I walked towards Hyde Park I became overwhelmed by the thousands of pilgrims, ordinary Catholics from all walks of life,ages and race that came to Hyde Park to pray and greet the Pope.It was an extraordinary weekend!

  2. Pat,
    I’m glad you mentioned the Papal visit. I wanted to write about it but not being there I have only a limited perspective. A number of my friends (yourself included) were in London and I’m hoping to hear more about it.
    I’m very interested in the secularisation response and debate generated, but even more in the boost it seems to have been to faith and church.

  3. Yes it has generated much debate and interest about secularization and also forced the church to start to address and admit its wrongs,which is really important.
    The silence in the presence of Christ, of eighty thousand pilgrims praying, in the heart of Central London was beautiful.

  4. My wife and children went to Birmingham (I am away in the US on business) for the Cardinal Newman beatification. Even my 12 year old son who had to get up at 4.30am in the morning to get to the coaches and get transported there thought it was worthwhile.

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