Letter to Network of Employed Youth Workers

Greetings from the desk of the Diocesan Youth Adviser to all in the Network
(This is the blogged version of the letter I have just sent so you can access the links quickly)
It’s been good to catch up with quite a few of you over the summer, particularly when I’ve had the privilege of handing over large cheques from the Youth Evangelism Fund to the young people you work with.
I hope you’ve had a good summer and the equipment from Residentials/Camps/Soul-Survivor/Greenbelt/Walsingham is mainly put away by now
Anyway I wanted to let you know some stuff that may or may not be useful ….. you decide:
October 23rd sees the Youthwork Summit happening in London. It’s organised by Chris Curtis, Matt Summerfield and Martin Saunders and aims to be a dialogue and exploration across the spectrum of Christian Youth work. I’m definitely going and it’d be great if others wanted to come to, especially if we could meet up and travel together.
Our Next Diocesan Network meeting will be on Novemeber 22nd here at Church House in Oxford. A chance to get together and eat, laugh, pray and think alongside other Youth workers and youth ministers in the Diocese. In agdition we’ll be doing some particular work around boundaries and abuse of trust. Flyer: network return form Nov 22nd 2010.pdf
February 1st and 2nd (with the option to stay on until 3rd) will see Depth 4 (The retreat for Childrens workers and for Youth workers in the Diocese). We’re going back to Douai abbey for the great space, tranquillity and superb food. Info to follow
Other events:
The Kirchentag is a massive gathering of Christians from Europe and beyond and will be in Dresden next year from the 1st – 5th June. I’m keen to take some of the youth workers from the Diocese and make some links with German Youth work and Ministry. Debbie from St Sebastians has expressed an interest, anyone else?
Taize 2011: Bishop John and myself are heading out to Taize from July 23rd – August 1st and would love you to pass on the enclosed flyer to any young people or young adults who would be interested in the opportunity and challenge this presents.
Flyer and information is available from this previous entry
Free Stuff
I have aquired a large box of purple T shirts that each have the word ‘Team’ written on them, if you have a project that could use some then let me know how many you need.
I’d be delighted to hear any news that you have before or at November 22nd and I’d also really appreciate a photo of you! My attempts to pray for you all would be much easier with a photo as a focus I think

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  1. Is the ‘flyer and information’ link ment to be the same as ‘The Kirchentag’?
    If not… please could you re link it.
    Many Thanks =D

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