FB dilema

fbinitialletter.jpgI have had a friend request on Facebook, nothing too unusual in that. But in this case I do not know the person, nor have ever met them but they proport to be called, “Ian Macdonald”
This seemed to me a very spurious reason for seeking friendship, thus I was going to reject it on the same basis that people who have the same size feet as me … or equally also do not play the banjo would not be accepted unconditionally as FB buddies.
A thought occurred though that prevented the deletion. Supposing it’s me from the future (some sort of storm in the space time continuum that I inadvertently wandered/wander into) and I have an important message for myself in order to stop me doing that again, or to enable me to write the greatest selling Worship song of all time (or something).
I’d be foolish to reject an important friendship request from my duplicate future self.
Admittedly the picture accompanying the request doesn’t look like me BUT I’d have to do that in order not to freak my past(present) self out.
I may also need to stop drinking quite as much coffee (something my future self may also be wanting to point out!)

4 Replies to “FB dilema”

  1. But wouldn’t your future you know that you wouldn’t accept such a friend request, and would be much more likely to post a message to your current self using your own username and password, whuch your future you already knows? And if your future you has a message that is really that important, I doubt the future you would expect fb to be the optimal media for such a vital communication. It just doesn’t sound like you!

  2. They also could be doing a Dave Gorman type thing and trying to find as many people with the same name as themselves, and you could end up appearing on tv or in a book?

  3. Or maybe its a hint sent by your future you! You won’t solve the puzzle/mystery until you receive other hints or are confronted with the problem….This really is starting to sound like a Doctor Who episode.

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