Charlie and Goliath

A friend of mine was relaying how annoying she found mobile homes and I felt the need to jump to the defence of Charlie who is VERY much a camper van and not a mobile home.
I had to explain that the Vdub fits in a normal car parking space and has yet to encounter a height barrier that prevented access. (I wish I had taken a photo of the dimunitive underground garage in Paris that we managed to get in AND out of).
Anyway it was late at night so I decided to do a little contrast and compare googling and ended up at the best know manufacturer of American motorhomes.
Consider a piccy of my T4:
interior 400.jpg
Then imagine glancing over your shoulder as you drive this top of the range Class A wagon and the sight you would encounter. (They clearly take the ‘home’ part of mobile home as to where the stress should be put in the phrase):
interior winneb home.jpg
You can’t even see the bedroom fully, lol. Just think how popular you’d be piloting this around the Lake District.

2 Replies to “Charlie and Goliath”

  1. I saw a couple of these at the Royal Cornwall Show, you were allowed to stand on the top step and peek in (didn’t get to see bedroom either), it could be yours for a mere £260,000 and an HGV licence. Personally I would rather spend that amount of money on a house!
    We were however stuck behind one of these (Austrian registered) on Sunday, whilst negotiating some small Cornish lanes…

  2. Eeek, that’s one tall vehicle. You could kill yourself stepping out of the door in the morning. Pretty ugly though …. looks suspiciously like a caravan welded to a 4×4 lorry

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