Catacombinate initiation

I had a great time at the official opening of the crypt at Marlow yesterday, transformed as it is into a really cool Youth venue. I only had my phone with me so subterraneous photos were not really going to work, this however is a rough idea of what the venue itself looks like (but it’s much more decked out now):
crypt marlow.jpg
It was great to meet the young people and hand over them for the official balloon stomp through the arches opening of the Crypt Cafe. It was such a blast to be at the culmination of a vision that by any standards was a BHAG (Big hairy audacious goal) involving as it did finding enough money to employ a youth worker and transform the Crypt (including the myriad of regulations, permissions and practicalities that involved). Impressive stuff.
I was asked to do the opening ‘speech’ and so found myself in the graveyard surrounded by loads of people including the young people, Mayor and someone from the press. The young people were understandably keen to mash the balloons and get in so I needed to be really brief. I decided that the line about the crypt being somewhere you wouldn’t be seen dead in before might not work, bit too black humour maybe. I did say though that I come across a lot of churches that say young people are foundational to their church community, Marlow it seems have taken this the most literally!
Many congratulations to Stewart (the youth and community worker) and to an incredible bunch of people from the Methodist and Anglican churches that prayerfully, creatively and energetically pursued a vision.

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