Being Cryptic about my weekend

One of the things about my job is no two days are ever the same and I’m constantly doing new things. This weekend I’m opening a Crypt!
This is not some bizarre piece of grave robbing to make up for a shortfall in Diocesan funds, it is in fact an ex crypt that will henceforth be a Youth venue. Marlow churches have put together a fantastic youth and community project and part of this has been changing the Crypt from somewhere you wouldn’t be seen dead (*laughing*) into a great youth venue.
I think I’m on ribbon cutting and speaking duty alongside young people from the project.

One Reply to “Being Cryptic about my weekend”

  1. Crypts are brilliant. I had one once. Ideal youth venues as they are virtually indestructible (although if you do manage to destroy one, the rest of the church is probably in trouble too).

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