Wheelbarrows and trolleys

GB forecast.jpg The pre-eminent immensity that is Greenbelt, is imminent!
Tomorrow sees the start of the 2010 festival, “the art of looking sideways
The forecast for Cheltenham is fantastic for the four days of the festival! However the rain we’ve absorbed this week is due to continue right up to the wee hours of tomorrow morning … after which dawn should break to reveal sunshine and happy days for the festival. This though will not allow sufficient time for the ground to dry and vehicles may not be allowed onto the camp-site in order to prevent quagmirification (made up word).
If you are going, I’d REALLY recommend finding a trolley or a wheelbarrow and lots of bungees and straps just in case as multiple walks to the car to fetch equipment is not a great prospect, given the distances involved. (I used to use a cycle trailer).
So in summary: Possible early chaos peaking mid afternoon giving way to harmony and happiness by early evening. Tempers light to moderate, rising before expected lows at BST 21:30.
Anyway see you at the Chai Chapel, The Tiny Tea Tent or ‘The Jesus Arms’ …. oh or at Charlie bus in the disabled camping area if we can get on site.
Happy days!