Brands, bandz and trends

Ok, I’m not officially blogging yet so consider this a a post-ette or a blog-lite ahead of the formal return to business next week. The reason I have emerged early from hibernation is a rubber band! Not one that my colleague has flicked at me to get me to turn the German radio station down but news of a whole new trend that’s coming your way.
Ladies and gentlemen I present …. *drum roll* bandz!
Silly rubberband.jpg
The BBC cover it here but I thought I’d give you the heads up so you can *cough* rush out an be ahead of the trend.
(For those on a budget, follow the Postman (sorry, Postperson) and collect the dropped bands, wear them and claim they are a limited edition rubber band shaped ‘Silly Bandz’)
Youthblog trend prediction:
September to December 2010:
Trend curve accelerates in UK and peaks with Christmas sales
January 2011: Brief spike as kids show off their Christmas acquisitions before waning into irrelevance.
February 2011: Forgotten completely
April 2011: Major Christian events promoting them in the shape of the cross, the Bible and various worship leaders