Yellow Braces

Yellow Braces, our cheesily named but utterly wonderful Diocesan camp went off brilliantly and a great time was had by all. It was a real adventure in being and living Christian community. It made an impact on all those involved. I am really proud of the team (thanks everyone) who worked so hard and creatively to make it such a memorable time for everyone involved ….. even when that was tough going.
Whilst I was saying the final goodbyes yesterday this picture from the weekend appeared on the screen behind me. (Thankfully the band didn’t think to start playing the Soul survivor song that includes the line, “I’ll become even more undignified than this“, lol).
yb flop edit300plus.jpg
Captain’s Log Supplemental: In response to the question of whether the landing hurt, No! The trick is at the very last moment to bring the knees and elbows in front of the chest providing a pain free (if very inelegant) 90 degree forward rotated bomb, rather than the impending belly-flop! It continues to be an enormous source of frustration that this has not been accepted into the panoply of Olympic diving events.

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  1. Really fun and good weather too…but I maybe need to get fit before next year because the walk to the dorms was surprisingly challenging!

  2. Thankyou for my stay it was fun i like swimming and the slide was fun i am in french now its boring in school

  3. William,
    So glad you enjoyed it, It was a GREAT camp! Thanks for being part of it.
    Don’t get me in trouble with the French teacher though 😉

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