Wired but tired

What a weird week! I’m still buzzing from the incredibly wonderful Diocesan camp and still more than a little tired (I know the comments will offer the diagnosis, “It’s your age Ian!”). But I’ve also been on steroids this week (for a medical problem, not aspirations of pecs and six-packs) and it’s left me feeling kind of wired. I’ve been having trouble sleeping but feel really quite energised (although tired at the same time?) and it’s an odd effect. Yesterday morning I was in the office at Oxford before six in the morning and ploughed through a ‘shed’ load of work but was, as the office will tell you, a bit rubbish at concentrating in the afternoon 😉
Last day of the medication though and I’m not working on Saturday and Sunday so hopefully back to ‘normal’ by Monday.
The Youth worker at our church has been giving me some good natured gibing about being tired after just a weekend of youth work. It all feeds in to one of my beliefs though that you are NEVER too old for youth work BUT it does take a little longer to recover.
(Futher evidence of my gradual slide into middle age emerged the previous weekend when I got to pilot a canal barge for the first time and LOVED it)
canal pilot.jpg

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