Traverser la Rue Deux

I was out and about again today for a post prandial perambulate in the French town of Merville ….. and once again experienced the uncertainty of the french “Zebra” crossings, finding myself marooned in the middle even though the middle didn’t exist in a defined (and safe) way.
But today I found a whole new phenomena and dimension. There are also some crossings with a green pedestrian light. One waits for the red man to go out and the green man to illuminate and then you can confidently sally forth. HOWEVER, and this is a big however, the green light only indicates that traffic on one side has been stopped. There is no central marker, no raised area and no warning BUT once you are over half way and still looking happily at the shining green man with its glowingly safe encouragement to proceed, you find the traffic coming the other way has no indication AT ALL that you are crossing with permission and no corresponding red light to discourage them from aiming their Renault at you. Bizarre!
I like France, it’s a bit mad.
If you are planning a holiday here, you’ll love it BUT you may want to ring “Informations touristiques” and check that all the shops you may need are on the same side of the road ….. or find a really bright (and Renault proof) Jacket!