New CRB form

I’m looking at the new CRB form, which is a brave thing to do as the lilac, purple and yellow colour scheme is a bit of a visual assault. On the whole though it is an improvement though and if you ignore the irony that, “are you applying for ISA registration?” is a mandatory field, it should be easier to fill in (especially the evidence section).
The biggest change that will be relevant to Christian youth work I’ve spotted is box 66 which wants to know:
“does the position involve working with young people in the applicant’s home?”

This will trigger a check on other members of the household as well as the applicant themselves. Although this has been common for childminders I believe, this is new for Youth and Children’s work.
My understanding is also that we will now be CRB-ing 16 and 17 year olds who are leading beacuse of the regulated activity definition.

4 Replies to “New CRB form”

  1. What about cell groups run by one leader, which are held regularly in a young person’s home, with other young people attending? Do the adults in the home need checking?

  2. Pat,
    It’s the particular dynamics of a leader hosting in their own home that the CRB are picking up on.
    Any other meeting place is controlled by good practice and the framework of the child protection policy being worked within.

  3. Thanks Ian I can see why hosting in own home is important for CRB …. no chance of my home being used,too much mess and chaos!

  4. Delaying the construction of a skate park for years and years and years while we wait for the ideal, problem-free, unanimous-consented-to location to–what? spring up?that’s a lot like telling the youth that their needs aren’t important enough to take action on. Except it’s not transparent.

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