Put yourself in the way of some great learning

If you are within the gravitational pull of Oxford then flick your ‘diary’* forward to September and look at the 1st and 2nd. CMS are hosting two “Digging Deeper” days, one with Dave Andrews (the 1st) and one with Mark Yaconelli (the 2nd).
Dave will be exploring Growing Radical, Rooted, Distinctive Community work, whilst Mark will be tackling, Wonder, Fear, and Longing: Tending the Adolescent Soul.
You’ll find the flyer here and you do need to book!
yac n dave.jpg
* I’m using ‘diary’ here as a catch-all and mean whatever your personal experience, expression or belief regarding chronological recording is, be that literal or figurative, traditional or of a newer age.
**Bizarrely I gleaned this info from Johnny Bakers blog this morning even though he is in fact sitting a few feet away.