Low and fast

My son H has inherited a love of cycling from me, either through nature or nuture, but most probably both. He is unable to ride a conventional bike but for the last few years the good folk at KMX have supplied urban assault vehicles for him that are a million miles from some of the truly awful special-needs bikes we have encountered (thankfully there are now also some great ones too).
hase shot alu.jpgH has outgrown his KMX though and we have been searching for an adult bike for him. The one that stood out as THE one was the German Kettwiesel built by Hase, a delta trike that handles and rides brilliantly. The BIG shock though was just how expensive they are and the quote we were given was eye wateringly large. So I started to hunt for a second hand one although they are rarer that hens false teeth. Incredibly though one came up for sale in North East Scotland even having the ‘mountain drive‘ H would need to be able to get up and out of our estate. Despite the fact that the North East of Scotland is a long long long way away, it was too good a chance to miss it and I enquired excitedly ….. but sadly it had just been promised to someone else. I posted my details up on the Forum though and said I was still interested if the deal fell through.
In half term I got an e-mail from a really nice guy in Norfolk who’d bought the trike but decided that it wasn’t right for him, asking if I was still interested. How cool is that? H and I only had to drive 150 miles each way to fetch it rather that the 1100 mile round trip to where it had been previously.
h on a hase.jpg
The bike is the wasps-nipples* and H loves it with a passion. Inevitably (for those who know H) there have been a couple of crashes. My favourite was the one where he lost it at speed flipped himself off and into a fence allowing the bike to both crash into him and ride over him. But we’ve been for some rides as a family and are thoroughly enjoying how much he is enjoying it. Fab. I actually like riding it too BUT H is very clear that I have my own bike! There is a cool trick you can do with a Kettwiesel though if you get more than one, you can convert them to a tandem or even multi-tandem SO watch this space 🙂

* better than the bees knees

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  1. Hi,
    We have a Kett (now about 10 years old). We have found it the best way to introduce our boys (now on the 3rd) to riding solo on the road. They can stop at junctions, look around and start of without wobbling. Plus they love it 🙂
    Great trikes, only downside is steep uphill on wet greasy roads when the front wheel tends to slide sideways down the crown of the road due to only driving the RHS back wheel.
    Plus they are so easy to adjust as they grow.

  2. Dave,
    Thats encouraging to hear that your Kett has done 10 years service so far.
    I’m very impressed with the build quality and I think once H has got used to the fact its not a KMX it’ll be good for a lot of miles (I had to tap a new thread into the other end of the steering rod yesterday and turn it round as H managed to snap it up near the fork joint).
    I’m actually quite impressed with how well the RHS only drive delivers power/grip on the whole but have experienced the problem you mentioned. On a new one there was the option of a differential and both wheel drive (at a price)
    I’m so glad it can be stored vertically but even then our bike shed is looking a little crowded now 🙂

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