In search of disorganised religion

I enjoyed reading this review of a Grace service by Theo Hobson in the Spectator, I’ve no doubt that ageing youth, young (non vicarish) Johnny Baker has had enough teasing about the description so I’ll not add to it 🙂 But the article has some interesting things to say and I quote the concluding lines ……..
“What groups like Grace grasp is that though some people are turned off by organised religion, they still feel basically Christian: what they want is a new, disorganised style of religion, a postmodern shook-up version, full of irreverence and irony, and arty events. They want a new style of sacramentalism, that isn’t steeped in authority. Now that the internet’s here to stay, it’s difficult to accept hierarchy any more — religion must become open-source.
For the moment, the pioneers tread carefully — the stylistic reinvention of an ancient religion is a slow and difficult process, with huge pitfalls — but my hunch is that we should watch this space. God reconfigures his church in mysterious ways”