I’m back

Apologies for the lack of blogging last week but I was off work and enjoying a *winces* (raises right hand of Irony) a ……… staycation. Ok, it’s a terrible word but describes the week perfectly, a weeks holiday without actually going away. Having said that though there were numerous adventures and serendipitous happenings that all added up to make it a great holiday, further enhanced by the generous topping of sunshine and daylight that people seem to go to France to obtain. Various stories may emerge on the blog over the next few days in-between the MORE important blogging of youth ministry related issues.
One of the days involved heading off to a race track as my latest competition win* meant that I had the chance to drive a Ferrari 430 around a track in the Midlands. I thought it would be a kind of fun thing to do but I had in fact seriously underestimated just how mind blowingly awesome a Ferrari 430 turns out to be.
Reclining into the leather drivers seat of a blood red Ferrari convertible set the pulse racing before we even hit the track (not a phenomena I’d been expecting). That was nothing though compared to the sensory delight of finding just how extraordinary a Ferrari engine, brakes and handling are. The engine sang beautifully (just behind my head) and THEN once you got the revs up it leapt forward like a scalded cat … strapped to an F15! A few flicks of the gear paddles and it was up to 120 mph on what was a shortish straight, we could probably could have gone faster but I was not keen to brake as late as my instructor wanted me to given the corner that seemed to be looming oppressively larger and larger in my vision. The track was a great series of corners including one chicane and the two straights, all great fun to pilot the Ferrari through. The three laps went by very quickly and contained some sublime moments, like overtaking a Lamborghini! But it was a very happy me that drove back into the compound and parked the 430 between two other Ferraris whilst wearing a grin several times larger than my face.
* If I see a competition I tend to enter it and over the years have won some really cool things (trip to America, £2000 bike, weekend away, watch etc) with this latest one being courtesy of Argos (thank you). The funny thing is every time I win a competition people say to me “I never win those things” to which I point out (not unreasonably I think) that that is because they don’t enter.

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  1. Welcome back! Cars are boring but useful overrated status symbols which symbolize all that is disagreeable about consumer culture. Just my view!

  2. Pat,
    Its good to be back 🙂
    Yep, point taken and I would share your negative opinion about a car that someone buys as a status symbol. However I have to say that the level of engineering brilliance and drivability of the Ferrari did really impress me … much more than I would have expected.
    However, on balance, I have decided not to buy one 😉

  3. Glad you have reasoned it through and decided not to get one … resist its engineering brilliance and leather seats 🙂

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