The framing of summer

The longest day here is suitably beautiful to appropriately mark the tipping point into the slow contraction of available daylight. I felt no need to rush down to Stone Henge (especially having watched Dr Who, where it was visited by a plethora of Galactic nasties) but felt it should be marked here at bloghenge*
However the summer lies open before us and is wonderfully framed for me by two communal celebrations of life, faith and community. The first of these is Taize and the latter being Greenbelt. You are welcome to join the Taize trip (age restrictions apply) and I hope to see you at Greenbelt where I shall definitely be found listening to Milton Jones and Mark Yaconelli (seperately)!, or spending all my pocket money at the Tiny Tea Tent.
hengesolstice pic.jpg
* It’s a little like Stone Henge in that this unique ‘building’ has stood here for many many years, and although no one knows exactly what it is for it has been recognised as having probable significance from both a religious point of view and because of the way it has been preserved.