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Impact on CRB application process
As a result of ISA registration being stopped, the CRB has had to consider the impact on its application process. You will be aware that the CRB has recently provided Registered Bodies with an initial stock of new (purple) application forms in readiness for the planned launch of the ISA registration phase in July, and although this phase of the VBS has now been halted, the CRB will still launch the new application form on 26 July 2010 as originally planned.
This is to reduce the inconvenience to you during this period. In order to process your applications, the CRB will extract and ignore those parts of the new application form which capture ISA registration requirements, and use only those data fields which are required to process a CRB check.
You may begin to submit applications using the new (purple) form from 28 June 2010. However, please note that applications received on or after this date for Enhanced or Standard checks will not begin to be processed until 26 July 2010, as originally planned for ISA registrations. This is the date by which we will have switched over to the new processing system and will be able to handle the new forms.
Below are answers to questions that you may have about the transition to the new application form and a timetable of important dates.
Questions and Answers relating to the new CRB application form
Why has ISA registration been halted?
The new coalition Government had already stated their intention to “review the vetting and barring regime and scale it back to common sense levels”.
The Government appreciates the amount of work and preparation that has gone into the scheme in sectors that work with children or vulnerable adults. Ministers are also aware that affected organisations will be keen to hear, from the new Government, details not only on the remodelling itself, but also on whether it will lead to any change to the future introduction of ISA registration, and will bear in mind that an early announcement on those specific points would be widely welcomed by all those who work with vulnerable groups.
The scope and timing of the remodel are expected to be finalised shortly and the CRB will communicate any updates as soon as more information is available.
Will ISA registration still be introduced?
It is not yet clear how the Government’s remodelling of the Vetting and Barring Scheme will impact the future of ISA registration. Once more information about the outcome of the remodel is available, the CRB will communicate this to you.
When can I start submitting applications on the new form?
CRB will accept applications on the new form from 28 June 2010. Those applications made on the new form will be held unprocessed until 26 July 2010 at which point they will be processed in date received order.
What is the last date I can order stocks of the current form?
The last date for ordering stocks of the current form is 12 July 2010.
What is the last date I can submit applications on the current form?
The last date that the CRB can receive applications on the current form is 20 July 2010 therefore if you are making an application by telephone or submitting a postal application, you should do so no later than 16 July 2010 to allow time for the form to be returned to the CRB by 20 July 2010. Any applications on the current form received by the CRB after 20 July 2010 will be rejected.
What will happen on the 26 July 2010 as a result of the government announcement?
On 26 July 2010, the CRB will still start processing applications made on the new form since 28 June 2010 and you can start to order additional stocks of the new form as normal.
Can I order more of the new application forms now?
The CRB recently provided you with an initial stock of new application forms in readiness for July. This was the equivalent of three months supply. Only in exceptional circumstances will we be able to issue additional stocks, otherwise you should wait until 26 July 2010 at which point you can order stocks as normal by phoning our Customer Services team on 0870 90 90 811.
How do I order more new application forms?
From 26 July 2010, you can order these as normal by phoning our Customer Services team on 0870 90 90 811. If, in exceptional circumstances you wish to order additional stocks of new application forms before this date, you will need to contact us at [email protected]
Are there any changes to the way I complete the new application form?
Yes, as a result of ISA registration being halted, the following changes to completing the new application form should be noted:
Section A, Question 28 – ‘Do you have an ISA registration number’ will not be a mandatory field and can be omitted.
Section D -‘apply for registration with ISA’ can be omitted – you should not complete this section until further notice.
Section X, Question 61 – ‘Position applied for’ – only the first 30 characters of this field will be recognised as with the current form therefore it is key that you complete this section as you would for the current form to capture things such as ‘Home Based’ positions within those first 30 characters
Section X, Questions 64 and 65 – ‘are your entitled to know whether the applicant is registered to work with children/ vulnerable adults?’ – continue to answer YES or NO if you require a check of the relevant ISA barred lists.
Please avoid completing those sections of the form that relate to the ISA registration phase of the VBS unless we inform you to do so.
Will the CRB be revising its e-guide and providing new guidance on completing the new application form?
The CRB’s e-guide was developed in line with the planned introduction of both the new application form and ISA registration and although the CRB are still able to launch the new form from the 26 July 2010, there will be certain aspects of the e-guide, mainly those which reference ISA registration that are not applicable.
Our intention at this stage is not to withdraw the e-guide as the majority of the information contained in it is still relevant to the completion of the new application form. Please continue to check the website for further updates on guidance for completing the new application form.
PLEASE NOTE: If you do not want a CRB check and were only applying for it as part of an application for ISA registration – Please DO NOT send in the application form. If you do, your application will be processed for an Enhanced CRB check only and you will be charged £36.