And at number 9

neufbottel.jpgNew definition of guilt induction: Making number 9 in the top 20 Youth Ministry blogs (and my teachers thought I wouldn’t amount to anything) on the week when my contribution to the blogosphere is an advert and some wittering about a red car.
Joking aside though I am really chuffed to be in the list and am spurred on to push the very boundaries of theology, youth ministry and wood preservatives. Er Ok, erm ….
What shall I write about? over to you (this is the new request slot!)
(In the meantime I shall get on with scribbling my acceptance speech ready for when my invitation to the glitzy award ceremony arrives)
And where from here? Next year *maniacal laughter* I’m aiming for Number Eight, oh yes, that slot will be mine!

4 Replies to “And at number 9”

  1. Thanks Si, and obviously in my acceptance speech youreelf and the other reader will be honoured for making the blog the villagewide phenomena it has become

  2. Man, Ian – you even placed higher than Jonathan McKee. I’m seriously impressed.
    But don’t forget, with great power comes great responsibility 😛

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