10 Great blogs and yours

I had an e-mail out of the blue this morning from a blog author pointing me to a list he’d written of 10 GREAT blogs for Youth Ministers.
I’m sure the the irony of e-mailing bloggers who had not made the top 10 in order to promote the 10 who had (and more importantly I suspect (dya think?), the christian colleges website), was not wasted on the author 😉
But here is the link in case you are looking for a ‘really great’ *ouch* youth ministry blog *laughing* and have stumbled here by mistake.
Filed under: Good for my humility 🙂 and thank you for making me chuckle!

6 Replies to “10 Great blogs and yours”

  1. LOL, I’m more upset though about failing to get a mention in “30 best Pot-luck suppers” as there must be a recipe somewhere on my blog

  2. OK – have done a bit of research (i.e. I read some of those on the list) and now wonder what the Top 10 Youth blogs around the whole world (and not just the USA) would be… Am pretty sure Youth Blog a la MacDonald should be on THAT list!!!

  3. I am so far down the list that I didn’t even get an email. I can’t understand how I didn’t make the Top 10 – I have done 4 blog posts in this year alone. I feel I am being overlooked somewhat.

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