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My work at the moment on a ‘Youth Strategy’ to help Churches stay connected with, or reconnect to, adolescents is occupying much of my musing, praying, reading and research. One of the key pieces of work I am doing is identifying the ‘hot spots’ (and then learning why the Church is effective in relationship with teenagers) and the ‘not spots’ (to find out why not).
One of the ‘hot spots’ that if I am honest, surprised me, was too see that two of our villages started Boys Brigade units (completely ex nihlo) and built a vibrant and engaging piece of childrens’ and youth work.
Tuesday night therefore saw me at a BB road show (Engage a generation) in which they were ‘selling’ their vision and what they can do for/with Churches. Thoroughly good evening (NICE buffet) but more importantly a passionate organisation that is well equipped to engage young people, build relationships, do good youth work which includes faith and spiritual identity.
The recent resurgence of Scouting and the growth of BB has definitely demonstrated that Uniformed work is attractive and thriving, which I am happy to salute (obviously)

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  1. It’s them unknown unknowns as donald Rumsfeld most innapropriately said.
    Check out businessballs.com and search for Johari Windows for a model in whihc to think about these things.

  2. Tim, apologies for the omission up ’til now.
    Neal, thanks for the tip (and possibly the joke 🙂

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