Showing drive and determination

The two subjects that always seem to generate the most conversation from the blog are sheds and my eldest boy, H. The Youth Ministry stuff keeps everything ticking along nicely and is, I’m told, useful from time to time. However within the eclectic universe of Youthblogism, it is the above two topics that seem to grab people the most.
driving lesson.jpgSo, for those who have followed my sons’ ongoing battle with Cerebral Palsy and the challenges that can present in all arenas … but especially in relation to his desire to drive, you will enjoy this. Today *drum roll* he had his first driving lesson!!
I manged to borrow an automatic car and a chunk of private land and he was able to pilot his way around whilst I sat in the passenger seat. He did much better than I expected and although it has shown the need to work on his steering technique (currently effective but sloppy), his mastery of the brake and accelerator was spot on.
He is only 15 (and a half) but we are enormously privileged to receive mobility funding for him which the Charity Motability turn into a lease car. The lease car is due to change in November and we need to pick a car/modifications suitable for when H hits 17. We are going to an assessment centre in June hence the need for him to get some live experience.
For someone whose motor control, movement and speech is so affected, todays’ achievement was quite something.
What really impressed me though was that after the lesson he borrowed the land owners Ride-on Mower and practised his steering technique. That’s my boy 🙂

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  1. That is fantastic. I’m so impressed with all he has achieved over the last few years. Its a privilege to be able to play a small part in it.

  2. Thats brilliant!K has her first driving lesson this week,its a huge achievement considering four years ago it was a mission to get her out from under her duvet to face life and all its pressures.So many people helped her…I will be forever grateful for their support.

  3. Thanks everyone 🙂
    1. Laura, do come over
    2. Pat, that’s great news. Well done to K
    3. Will, yourself and Pals have played a HUGE part for which I will always be grateful.
    4. Steve and Sue, Hi!

  4. That’s fabulous and waaaaay scary! I remember when that child crashed your car into your garage…
    Now you need to work out the way to get him *out* of the car!

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