That was the week that was

I’m now back from the annual gathering of the dispersed tribe of Diocesan Youth Advisers and a thoroughly good gathering it was too. It was the turn of the North West to host this year so I duly pilgrimaged north (yes I did see snow) and set up camp in Blackpool.
We were really privileged to have Duffy Robins** as our guest/speaker and I appreciated his input massively (watch this blog). Other highlights included discussions on training, bouncing ideas off people, sharing resources AND a sandcastle building competition!***
To cap it all though it meant I was only an hour away from my beloved Lake District and I came back ‘via’ Rydal in order to have a stroll up Loughrigg. It was fantastic up top; a view right over lakes Windermere and Conniston (in the distance) while being buffeted by the wind was extremely good for the soul.
Snapped this piccy of Rydal water on the way back down whilst indulging in much grinning and singing.
back down loughrigg.jpg
Apologies therefore that communication from me has been a little tardy, am now catching up …. or trying to.
** If you are in travelling distance of Chester I REALLY recommend this day with Duffy tomorrow organised by Chester Diocese
*** I’d like to claim that the sandcastles were a serious piece of team work development training! Like I said, I’d like to 🙂

Gar DEN ing

I have been busy building in the garden and we now have a vegetable patch, yay! It’s a raised bed for two reasons:
1. The lack of any flat area in the garden at all, and
2. Our soil is so rocky and clay filled that even our resident mole doesn’t manage more than a couple of feet in any direction.

I’m growing (correction, attempting to grow) Chard, Carrots, Spinach, Baby Sweetcorn AND the only brand of lettuce I could find that didn’t look like weeds*
Beyond the hedge I’ve cleared a space to build my daughter a new den** and this will be on legs like some sort of Papa New Guinean tall house***
veg bed.jpg
* This is to help them mature without being ripped out, as happens with any flowers that make the mistake of looking like weeds in their early stages; OOps
** Den is an interesting word, my friend pointed out it was just another word for shed! Guilty as charged
*** Unless it doesn’t stay up and then it will be a fresh expression of den based on a Martian tripod towards the end of “War of the Worlds”

Street Games Project

I’ve added a new category, “Positive Youth Stories’ and aim to flag up some of the great stuff young people are doing across the country


The Co-operative StreetGames Young Volunteers2.jpg
Young people prove they are worth listening to as they clock up nearly 28,000 hours as sports coaches in deprived areas with the street games project.
“A nationwide sports volunteering programme has helped over 1,200 young people from disadvantaged areas across the country, including 170 volunteers from London and the South East, to become sports volunteers, giving them access to sports coaching and community leadership skills.
The Co-operative StreetGames Young Volunteers, which currently has 1,206 volunteers aged from 16-25, have together clocked up nearly 28,000 hours working in the community to date – that’s more than three years.
The news comes as two thirds of The Co-operative’s customers and members, who voted in a recent poll, said that we should listen to young people more.
Peter Marks, Chief Executive of The Co-operative Group, said: “The Co-operative’s work on community partnerships, such as our £1m Co-operative StreetGames Young Volunteers project, has shown us that when our young people are provided with supported opportunities they can be truly inspiring and it is clear that our customers and members believe in young people too.
“The sheer dedication of our young sports volunteers and the way they have grabbed this opportunity with both hands and are now inspiring other young people is truly outstanding and demonstrates precisely why we should listen to young people more and inspire them.”
Over 50 per cent of the volunteers to join the scheme have gone on to obtain community leadership or sports coaching qualifications – boosting the national pool of coaching talent in the UK”


If anyone has e-mailed since Friday night then I will not have received it yet. It looks like the primary and secondary hamsters powering the Diocesan servers have abandoned their wheels. I expect to be hooked back in electronically by 09:30 tomorrow although I will be at the office considerably earlier if you wish to send a pigeon or contact me via comments.
CAPTAINS LOG SUPPLEMENTAL: I’m hooked back up to e-mail, yay!