Four Potholes

The Duffy Robbins session on ‘Potholes on the Ministry Road’ was superb. He looked at four potholes that cause major crashes in ministry as a warning/challenge to us and a tool for helping the Youth Ministers we serve.
The four were:
Pothole 1: Consuming activity
Pothole 2: “Professional Holiness”
Pothole 3: Dishonest Intimacy (the whole range of sexual temptations)
Pothole 4: Neglected relationships

I thought this was the best, wisest and most succinct list I have come across and I’m aiming to read fully what Duffy has written on this.
Duffy levelled these questions at us
Am I taking a day off and keeping it holy?
Who am I holding responsible for my families schedule?
What am I doing to let members of the family are more important than the kids in our youth group
Do I invest as much creative effort to make my family a fun and special place as I invest in the youth group at church.
Am I modelling a healthy family life
They are very family centric though and I’m interested in what the questions should look like for someone who is single (especially as in conversations recently it has been the young single workers who have been sharing painfully of the difficulty of living a balanced life that includes rhythm, deep relationships and spiritual discipline)


Not much time last night as I was solo parenting BUT did manage to set up stepped access to the Tall Den, and add some trellising to the front to hide the architectural very non-perfection of the struts*
den steps.jpg
*An attempt to form a hybrid school of design by combing Chaos theory and Engineering principals. The struts are however all broadly horitical or verzontal in orientation. (All proving that you can’t hold struts and platforms level at four different points, on a slope, whilst fixing them into position single handed)

UK Policy watch

Goodbye DCSF, hello DOE!
“The Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) has been renamed the Department for Education responsible for education and children’s services. Michael Gove (Conservative) has been appointed as education secretary, Tim Loughton (Conservative) as parliamentary under-secretary of state for children and families and Sarah Teather (Liberal Democrat) as minister of state for children and families”
ht to

Community Care

New Guinean Tall den

Den 71.jpgI had a great family weekend! A trip to London zoo (superb), a great shared Church lunch to say a sad but fun farewell to our Rector as he heads for pastures new; and importantly, lots of time fettling in the garden.
The results of the fettling being that the new den for my daughter is 75% complete and looking very cool (in a ‘Heath Robinson’ sort of a way given the random door and windows).
This is the first elevated shed den I have built and I’m quite pleased with the result …….. maybe upward expansion at the ‘national shed museum’ is the way to go.
There is a large recycled element to the construction with discarded windows, cupboard doors and front doors forming a major part of the fabric. I have an old set of wooden stepladders to create a staircase up to the door, but am currently trying to think of a way of making some stained glass window for the triangles fore and aft under the roof.
The other thing that is vexing me is that I seemed to have failed to pass on the Creosote loving gene to my daughter, thus I will have to employ one of these new fangled soppy ineffectual cosmetic wood coatings with names like Timberlove or Woodycare!
Someone at Church suggested I have an ‘open shed’ afternoon! I’m liking the idea 🙂