Iron Man 2

Finally got to see Iron Man 2 and it was every bit as good a superhero adventure outing as you’d want to see, building brilliantly on and from Iron Man in 2008.
My synopsis: We join the film to find Tony Stark has achieved much in his now very public guise as ‘Iron Man’; still very much the genius, the self publicist and the maverick. Iron man is a public phenomenen! However Tony Stark is battling to come to terms with the fact that his chest implanted reactor is killing him, whilst simultaneously facing military demands for the technology, an embittered high tech’ equipped enemy and the corrupt boss and resources of a wealthy weapons company.
But Iron Man is not the solo act he thinks he is and friends old and friends unknown rally round, including the wonderful ‘Black Widow’ (Scarlet Johannson) to win the day.

All in all, a larger than life witty and faced paced action movie and visual feast, fab!