How would you describe your churchmanship?

I hate to be pigeon-holed but if you are really going to push me on this 😉 then I guess broadly I am a neo Anglican post evangelical contemplative sacremental charismatic with celtic leanings, whose spirituality looks post modern but is in fact a re-imagined Monastic orthodoxy trying to live in keeping with the dangerous memory and presence of Jesus.
I guess now you know!
(Although I’m not sure my descriptor is the same two days running)
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3 Replies to “How would you describe your churchmanship?”

  1. “follower of Jesus” said in the most sanctimonious way possible!!
    Nah, loving the description you give…might be one of them too. Shall we start a denomination? Church of the Latter Day Youthwork Advisers?

  2. I’m a reformed charismatic evangelical with a passion for both traditional family values and social justice which means a conservative view of personal morality but a liberal/centre-left approach to politics.
    I’m also a pro-feminist complimentarian, young earth creationist and premillenialist.

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