Gar DEN ing

I have been busy building in the garden and we now have a vegetable patch, yay! It’s a raised bed for two reasons:
1. The lack of any flat area in the garden at all, and
2. Our soil is so rocky and clay filled that even our resident mole doesn’t manage more than a couple of feet in any direction.

I’m growing (correction, attempting to grow) Chard, Carrots, Spinach, Baby Sweetcorn AND the only brand of lettuce I could find that didn’t look like weeds*
Beyond the hedge I’ve cleared a space to build my daughter a new den** and this will be on legs like some sort of Papa New Guinean tall house***
veg bed.jpg
* This is to help them mature without being ripped out, as happens with any flowers that make the mistake of looking like weeds in their early stages; OOps
** Den is an interesting word, my friend pointed out it was just another word for shed! Guilty as charged
*** Unless it doesn’t stay up and then it will be a fresh expression of den based on a Martian tripod towards the end of “War of the Worlds”

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  1. Very much appreciating your use of the phrase ‘fresh expression’ whilst simultaneously referencing sheds AND early science fiction.

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