Iron Man 2

Finally got to see Iron Man 2 and it was every bit as good a superhero adventure outing as you’d want to see, building brilliantly on and from Iron Man in 2008.
My synopsis: We join the film to find Tony Stark has achieved much in his now very public guise as ‘Iron Man’; still very much the genius, the self publicist and the maverick. Iron man is a public phenomenen! However Tony Stark is battling to come to terms with the fact that his chest implanted reactor is killing him, whilst simultaneously facing military demands for the technology, an embittered high tech’ equipped enemy and the corrupt boss and resources of a wealthy weapons company.
But Iron Man is not the solo act he thinks he is and friends old and friends unknown rally round, including the wonderful ‘Black Widow’ (Scarlet Johannson) to win the day.

All in all, a larger than life witty and faced paced action movie and visual feast, fab!

Top 50!

Rather chuffed to find that ‘my other office‘ is recognised as one of the top 50 independent coffee shops in the country!
Personally I’d put it in the top one; GREAT coffee, warm welcome, cool vibe AND all breakfasts cooked individually to order. (oh and very importantly, you don’t have to do that annoying CostBucksEro thing where you have to stand around by the counter like a lemon waiting to collect your coffee!!)
combibos banner grab.jpg
Did I mention it’s a fab place 😉

How would you describe your churchmanship?

I hate to be pigeon-holed but if you are really going to push me on this 😉 then I guess broadly I am a neo Anglican post evangelical contemplative sacremental charismatic with celtic leanings, whose spirituality looks post modern but is in fact a re-imagined Monastic orthodoxy trying to live in keeping with the dangerous memory and presence of Jesus.
I guess now you know!
(Although I’m not sure my descriptor is the same two days running)
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Uni tasking

I read a great article in the Guardian on Saturday by A J Jacobs as he attempted to become a ‘uni-tasker’ in response to the inefficient overload of multitasking.
Jacobs pic from article.jpg“Our hopscotching brains make us more depressed (it’s harder to focus on the positive), less able to connect with people and form a conscience. And it’s an insane delusion. Multitasking makes us feel efficient, but it actually slows down our thinking. Our brains can’t handle more than one higher cognitive function at a time. We may think we’re multitasking, but in fact we’re switchtasking, toggling between one task and another. The phone, the email, the phone, back to the email. And each time you switch, there’s a few milliseconds of start-up cost. The neurons need time to rev up”
It’s a great piece, very funny BUT seriously exploring the cultural norm’ of multitasking. What is really surprising is that the forays into ‘unitasking’ seem to have a spiritual balance about them, the experiment has something to say about the contemplative life even though it’s not written in that vein.
It left me with both a smile and a sense of ‘ouch’, as well as a huge challenge about the arenas where I multitask, and a feeling of how much ‘multitasking’ is at odds with, or at least in tension with, a spiritual life.
The article is here (do have a read BUT not while you are doing something else!)

A FREE Gap year

I get lots of Gap Year adverts BUT I thought this was especially cool (and I don’t mean the steam trains)
“Isle of Man we have an amazing partnership with the island’s churches and Scripture Union Trust to provide a year of training and practice in youth work. It runs from September to July. The scheme is sponsored by the churches (5 Anglican, 2 Baptist, 2 community) and provides a year in community at Mallmore Hotel on the sea-front at Port St. Mary. The worker is based with a church, but is involved in schools work as well. There is training given in a range of areas, included a unit of personal choice. (eg. learn to drive, video production, dance academy) The only cost to the young person is for spending money and return fares.
Last year was our first full year and it was a storming success. There will be 11 places – 6 are already filled. Video Link for taster of last year.
Diocese of Sodor and Man (Yes this where Rev Awdry based Thomas the Tank Engine, and the steam trains still run daily)”

Let me know if you want to contact details