Youth Work and Ministry conferences

Does anyone know if ‘Youth work the Conference’ nee Brainstormers is happening? (I’m getting the impression not). I think the Lee Abbey Youth Ministry conference isn’t happening, Matrix is long dead.
Where are Youth workers/ministers gathering to talk theology and practice?
I’m assuming the ‘Bible Based Youth work conference’ will be on again in 2011? and hopefully Soulnet but the opportunities for mutual learning and encouragement seem to be considerably less.

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  1. Bible centered is definitely happening, I have been told that.
    However don’t forget Breaking New Ground a day with Duffy Robbins happening in Cheshire.
    May 15th, Runcorn, A great day to learn from a Vetran Youth Ministry writer and trainer.
    info and booking form
    Shameless plug I know, but a great opportunity this side of the summer to meet and network with other youth workers and ministers!

  2. it is a shame these things go – perhaps there needs to be something started that is accessible for all youth workers – volunteer and paid, those who want more academic discussion and those who don’t! a place for chilling and a place for resourcing – all at a decent price in a decent place!

  3. Youthwork conference was being pushed last week at Spring Harvest…so unless you know something Steve Chalk doesn’t!!!!

  4. Thanks anonymous, thats the first I’d heard,
    and I’m definitely not claiming to know anything that Steve Chalke doesn’t.
    So, I guess it’s on

  5. The youth work conference is on in Nov in Eastbourne this year and is well, well worth going to, for discussion, teaching, worship, fellowship, fun and the beach!!!

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