Yes Bishop

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As usual for a Saturday, the tribe gathered around the Computer the moment that the latest Dr Who became available on the BBC i-player. It was a corker of an episode registering a full 3 cushions on the scariness scale as I observed from watching my youngest son.
The great thing was though that, the episode “The Time of Angels” turned out to be a 51st Century vision of the clergy, in particular that of Episcopal leadership. The gun carrying, combat wearing unit brought in to contain the threat were ‘brothers’ led not by a Commanding officer, but by the Bishop.

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4 Replies to “Yes Bishop”

  1. Definitely a frightening one – I think Beth regretted watching it just before going to bed, and I imagine there were a good few kids around the country sleeping with the lights on on Saturday night!

  2. Martin,
    I didn’t get the bit of dialogue about the church at all. I only got the fact that when Matt raised his eyebrows about this incarnation of the church the Bishop said, “We’ve moved on a bit”

  3. I just watched both parts & I hate to say it…but those Angel things are proper scary (even worse than catching a glance at myself first thing in the morning!) but they were both good episodes anyways.
    imho, I think the Bishop roles, etc. comes from a mix of Knights Templar & maybe something from the Space Marines – weird but true…maybe! I think they ‘borrowed’ from historical militant figures, army medics, as well as some good old science fiction…which for Dr Who is never a bad thing

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