Shed plus teenagers, the dennel

well posh shed.jpgIts not often that the Youthblog radar picks up a story that comes in on the ‘teenage’ frequency and simultaneously through the ‘shed’ early warning system, but it has happened. Apparently sales of REALLY pukka sheds are up as people look for an additional room that doesn’t need planning permission, these are often to give teenagers their own space. Story here
I’m rather chuffed with this as I’m an early adopter for once, my daughter has a den in the garden. Mind you, it’s built entirely from recycled material and the only cost I can recall was £1 spent on cable ties …. and hence not even close to the top 100 good looking sheds list.
I’m also chuffed that a whole generation are being inducted into sheddiness.
I’d like to define a new word for the shed as teen only space. I’m calling this a ‘dennel’
You saw it here first!! (and possibly for the last time)

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