You’ll look good in a dog collar

(I had fun writing the April fool below so I think I’ll leave it in the archives rather than deleting it)
It looks very much like a form of ordination is going to happen for all youth ministers who work in or through Anglican churches. This surprise move is in response to the move by local and central government to an intergration of the ‘children’s workforce’ across the statutory and voluntary (including faith) sector.
cwdc.jpgThe CWDC guidelines which are now published would have meant that all Parish employed youth workers would have been drawn into time consuming multi agency planning, training and delivery leaving the actual Youth Ministry aspect of the job with considerably less time. The opt outs (as you can see) are few but work at a governmental policy level with the mainstream denominations has meant that ministers will be exempt.
This led Synod to pass a motion (Folio: PrAL 1) that allows for the partial ordination of all PCC employed youth worker/ministers (working 75% of the time or more through Anglican structures), and thus will maintain the freedom to work and minister freely and independently in their communities.
Youth workers would be required to wear ecclesial dog collars but the training requirements will be kept to a minimum, namely 4 modules over the two years after ordination:
Liturgical Patterns and worship
Messianic patterns and themes within Leviticus
Churchyard and building law
Adopting a preaching voice

This move (although pragamatic and freeing) is expected to meet with some criticism from youth workers … and also from churches at both the catholic and evangelical ends of the spectrum. The formal announcement of this, scheduled for the morning of April 1st is expected to be quite a surprise and has the danger of being viewed as some sort of joke.
It looks like orange will be the generic colour for youth minister’s clerical shirts as this has no specific allegiance or collegiate link at the moment. (It is envisioned that Youth Ministers will be under no obligation or expectation to robe though).
A web site has been set up here which should be a first port of call with anxieties or concerns about the process and implications.