In a meeting this morning someone asked the question, “what does Collaborate really mean? In the absence of anyone else answering I explained that it was an effective joint process whereby rather than just getting on and llaborating, you llaborated as a team together ….. and thus achieved co-llaboration.
This is part of my strategy for not being invited to meetings:-)
(in case you wondered, ‘elaborate’ is to laborate at length using a computer, you’ll further notice this is the Anglicised version, not the welsh twin ‘l’ rendered llaborate)
PS Etymology is twice as much fun when you just make it up

No time like the pleasant

With the new Director of the department in place I have my old life back, yay! and am free to be 100% gainfully engaged with matters Diocesanly Youthesque. Having said that though there is plenty to keep me busy, especially the Youth strategy I am charged with delivering.
But all work and no play makes Ian a very dull boy SO I’ve put some energy into what carpe-ing the diem might look like over the next few months. Landscaping the garden will continue and the recent addition of a fountain to the pond has added to the mellowness; however my battle with the pigeons to sow Grass seed faster than they can eat is seeing me on the losing side at the moment 🙁
I’m also VERY excited that I’m on a 2 day Sea Kayak Course in June in North Devon. In addition there’s a Snowdon expedition, a chance to call in to the Lake District before a conference in the North West and a couple of cool cycle rides I’m booked into in Oxfordshire and the New Forest.
kayaknshark moment .jpg
Life is good, and I have no work commitments this weekend at all so a proper full on family weekend awaits.

Bucking a trend, Youth work with a woggle

scouing growth.jpgThis is great news for/from the Scouts who have seen a massive increase in membership and in particular among teenagers. This is impressive stuff, especially given that there was some doubt back in the 90’s whether uniformed organisations were still able to be relevant.
I’m sure Bear Grylls has played a recent part in this but there is obviously a huge attraction to what Scouts have to offer.
BBC article here
My congratulations to any Scout leaders who read this 🙂

Flip book resource

My daughter has been messing around on flip book. You are limited to 100 frames on the free version hence how short it is. This is one of hers that amused me

The main point of posting it though was that it could be a really cool way of designing a catchy piece of publicity to embed on your web sites. Have fun 🙂

putting the if into Lifeguard

lifeguard.jpgMy Lifeguard qualification has lapsed and I have been unable to find a course (so far) that runs before the Yellow Braces camp. My other Lifeguard (hello KT) is similarly between qualification renewals (they only last 2 years). EEK
1. Is anyone out there a qualified (RLSS UK or NARS PL) Lifeguard and free from July 9th – 11th (and willing to come to camp)?
2. Does anyone have a friend who meets criteria 1?
3. Are you up for coming to Yellow Braces and willing to train if I pay and we can find a course?
4. Is your local pool advertising a course at the moment you can point me to?

Youth Work and Ministry conferences

Does anyone know if ‘Youth work the Conference’ nee Brainstormers is happening? (I’m getting the impression not). I think the Lee Abbey Youth Ministry conference isn’t happening, Matrix is long dead.
Where are Youth workers/ministers gathering to talk theology and practice?
I’m assuming the ‘Bible Based Youth work conference’ will be on again in 2011? and hopefully Soulnet but the opportunities for mutual learning and encouragement seem to be considerably less.

Coming and going

I can’t believe Easter has come and gone but that it has, back at the desk and busy being Diocesan, Youthy and Adviserish. I was fortunate enough to have the weekend off and although I would have liked to have sneaked off to visit the Easter Vigil at the Abbey, I had promised my family I wouldn’t be working, and thus didn’t.
The new Doctor Who was utterly brilliant, although I was obviously deeply shocked that the 11th Doctors first landing involved obliterating a shed 😉
The weather down our way was less than clement which seriously got in the way of landscaping and especially the building of some concrete steps, took the chance to deck a mud patch at the front of the house though.
new deck front.jpg
Also did Church, visited the Outlaws in Wales and did more house clearing in Birmingham!
All good!