No time like the pleasant

With the new Director of the department in place I have my old life back, yay! and am free to be 100% gainfully engaged with matters Diocesanly Youthesque. Having said that though there is plenty to keep me busy, especially the Youth strategy I am charged with delivering.
But all work and no play makes Ian a very dull boy SO I’ve put some energy into what carpe-ing the diem might look like over the next few months. Landscaping the garden will continue and the recent addition of a fountain to the pond has added to the mellowness; however my battle with the pigeons to sow Grass seed faster than they can eat is seeing me on the losing side at the moment 🙁
I’m also VERY excited that I’m on a 2 day Sea Kayak Course in June in North Devon. In addition there’s a Snowdon expedition, a chance to call in to the Lake District before a conference in the North West and a couple of cool cycle rides I’m booked into in Oxfordshire and the New Forest.
kayaknshark moment .jpg
Life is good, and I have no work commitments this weekend at all so a proper full on family weekend awaits.