A question

I am playing in a mens group squash competition on Monday! It’s been a wee while* since I last played but it’s not my lack of recent practice that worries me (although it probably should). My question is this: Can I turn up with my wooden squash racquet? AND will I be the only one still equipped with round headed wooden framed one?
*about 20 years in fact BUT hey how much can your forget/change in a fifth of a century
newfangledracquet.jpgCAPTAINS LOG SUPPLEMENTAL: Well I turned up with my racquet (a much loved 18th birthday present) and it did cause some amusement, particularly from the teenagers! Someone kindly offered me the used of a more modern racquet assuming that there would be some sort of advantage conferred by the fact it was so much lighter, had twice the stringed surface areas and a square edge that coped with corners better.
And did it make a difference? OH YES!!
Am definitely going to be getting me one of these new fangled ones!
PS: For Sale: Wooden squash racquet. Would suit antique collector or sports museum
CAPTAINS LOG SUPPLEMENTAL, SUPPLEMENTAL: Note so self, don’t play 3 matches next time: My body has rejected me, I ache all over and someone has injected rapid set concrete into my quads. urgh agggh

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  1. Well yes you can turn up with a little bit of history, but…you will most likely be the only one (although it depends who else you’re playing against!). To be fair stick with what you know, as Dr Pepper once told me – what’s the worst that could happen?! 😉

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