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My 20 year battle to become fluent in German is well documented within the blog, a battle that continues to both stretch me … and create a lot of fun. However in a case of, in for a penny in for a Euro; myself and my family are having a bash at learning French.
This definitely has me on the back foot given that I was not allowed to continue with French at school, “not clever enough!” I was told, but to be fair even when I was doing it, my text book, “De Jour en Jour,” remained literally and figuratively, very much a closed book. However working on Alex Dumas’s assertion that English is basically French but wrongly pronounced, I’m having a bash, so ….. Regardez vous le espace*
allo allo police french chat.jpg
Ok, any attempt to translate “watch this space” is going to be difficult, can anyone help?

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  1. Hi Si,
    at the moment I am learning via “Michel Thomas” French in the Now Reading section of the side bar … and the BBC web site!
    but its frustrating as I want to be able to courir before I can promenade

  2. Zut alors, mon brave!
    Je pense que c’est fantastique que tu veux parler en Francais. Peut’etre nous pouvions jouer “le scrabble” en francais en quelque jours/semaines??

  3. Zut alours oui mes ami
    Je pense que le scrabble en français ne fonctionnera pas.
    idée amusante, il est
    ou et la gare?

  4. Scrabble DOES work in France (and Germany and Spain and Italy) but not US. And Si, any discounts as I need a quick crash course in Spanish and Italian ?
    Ian, you do know you only need to know ‘My helicopter is full of eels’ to get by in France don’t you ?

  5. Nick, that reminds me of someone I once met who had been to France to buy a car, At a garage they asked to see some citroens BUT due to an error of pronunciation (and much to their confusion) were shown a succession of yellow cars.

  6. stu p – just email me with some postal address details & what you want & I’m sure I can sort something out for you mon ami

  7. Desole mon ami pour reponder trop tard.
    C’estpossible dejouer Le scrabble en francais mais c’est tres difficile sur le Facebook! A la conference peut-etre!
    You have very useful friends… Si – I’m going to Peru for the diocese in the summer – do they do Spanish discs too???
    La gare EST pres du chateau

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