Women in Youth Ministry

reques.jpgAmy Jacober and Leonard Kageler are doing some research in preparation for a paper on women in youth ministry. The following is their summary of the request ….
“The survey covers a wide range of topics. As you will see, we have focused some questions on issues relating to youth ministry and feminist ideologies and how these have intersected in your experience as a youth worker.
We know your time is valuable. We ask you to invest some of that precious time here. It will take about 10 minutes if you just answer the “click on the appropriate choice” questions. If you want to say more, however (and we hope you will) there is ample opportunity in the survey to narrate to your heart’s content.
We hope you’ll find the questions themselves interesting. Some questions may make you mad. If the later is the case, we want to hear about it.
If you want to see the research paper that will come out of this survey, you can indicate as such at the survey’s end”

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