The Fear Factory

This article by Helen McNutt acts as an excellent foil to the vitriolic lynch (media) mob that re-grouped to to preach hatred, judgment and demonisation, given that the Bulger case is back in the spotlight.
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I’m grateful to Chris for the pointer to this article which also put me in contact with a film called The Fear Factory, a film which aims to raise the debate about crime and young people out of the realms of rabble-rousing ill informed soundbites.
“The self-fulfilling prophesy that’s doubled our prison population,
demonised our young and costs us billions…
Welcome to the Fear Factory”

The coalition behind the film have a blog here.
More info when I have found an opportunity to watch the film

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  1. there was an interesting video shown at springy last year by oasis, that showed young peole in hoodies, spelt wrong, sorry, but they walked along a road, and so many looked at them, judged them, condemned them, but all they were doing was leaving flowers on a grave, wow, how quick to judge. would love to get a copy of that video, not sure hwo or where.

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