Short Break and Respite care

Someone asked me a question about what the term ‘short break’ meant and how it differed from ‘respite care!’ I like questions I understand and can answer, even better I could talk from personal experience as the parent of a disabled child:
Under the old system, I explained, ‘respite care’ was the name of the support for carer families that we didn’t get. There has now been a whole new initiative, funding set, priorities and importantly, a name change …. whereby instead, we now don’t get any ‘short breaks!’
Not moaning (and was written with a grin on my face) but I hope that services do grow and develop for so many families who (for whatever reasons) wouldn’t cope without this vital support and help.

The Easter Vigil

One of the networks I exist in has been having a bit of a cant about Easter Vigils, specifically gleaning wisdom and ideas for said event(s). Youth work guru and all round nice guy, Nic Shepherd posted this general overview which I thought contained great wisdom (and humour), he said it was ok if I used it on the blog as an opening gambit in asking YOU to share ideas, experience and wisdom. Thank you 🙂
“The period between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. is by far the longest and requires
a pretty clever programme to retain attention.
Usually include a feature film so those that need to can dose.
Plenty of refreshment breaks and continual access to drinking water.
Insist that no-one leaves the building without prior permission.
Have a quiet room with sleeping bags available where participants can
choose to retreat, or even be sent if you consider they require sleep. Make it clear that you have this power at the start of the event.
The period between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m. is easy in terms of young people
being completely compliant and agreeing to virtually anything you suggest –
handle with care.
Always recruit a fresh back-up team to arrive at 7a.m to sort out breakfast and tidy-up – because you’ll be past caring.
Remember to keep the whole of the following day free in your diary as
you will be fit for nothing and certainly shouldn’t be operating heavy machinery”

Cartoon by Asbo Jesus

My admin policy has come unstuck

message note.jpgThis morning I managed to write a message on the wrong side of a ‘post-it-note,’ only discovering the error when attempting to stick it to the door and discovering it was happily adhering to my fingers. I then wondered around for a while attempting to find some ‘Blue Tack’ in order to affix the message in a position where the intended recipient wouldn’t miss it. Having achieved this I discovered that part of the message was horribly smudged by nature of it having been written on the shiny sticky bit.
I have postulated before … that Youth Workers are not, on the whole, gifted administrators!
I offer this an an illustrative example of my own non-giftedness.
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Time to stop and stair

I’ve been doing a bit of building!
I have (sadly) no immediate need for any more sheds so other projects beckon. Today I finished a set of steps made from some discarded railway sleepers that I lovingly restored to full health with lashings of creosote!!
steps in the garden.jpg
Poignant moment though in that I would have loved my dad to have seen them, he would have approved.