the up alpha dog.jpgWatched a few films over my week off. Finally caught up with “Up” with was a perfect family film, managing to combine odd and surreal characters (especially the animals) and a GREAT story to produce a visually spectacular and touching film.
Also saw Michael Clayton which proved to be an intelligent and gripping thriller. Great performances by George Clooney and Tom Wilkinson.
My household though are looking forward to a couple of sequel offerings, Nanny McPhee and OF COURSE Toy Story 3.
I was amused by this Trilogy Meter and look forward to Toy Story 3 taking its place in the rankings shortly.
trilogy meter.jpg

4 Replies to “Films”

    Michael Clayton was fantastic wasn’t it?
    I loved UP but was unprepared for blubbing QUITE so much for the first 15 minutes! The dogs in it were sheer GENIUS.
    Love the triologymeter pretty much accurate(though Indianna 2 was awesome so rates a higher score if only for its Latin!)

  2. I think that was the genius of the film that it had such great story and emotional life happily co-existing with such cartoony characters.
    Laugh out loud in shed loads though, loved it!

  3. People just don’t get The Matrix after the first film… and they try to tel me that society doesn’t know the Judeo-christian story anymore.

  4. Bit unfair on Jurassic Park III, which I thought was far better than no.2.
    And I quite enjoyed Escape From The Planet Of The Apes as well (but Battle was just cheap and awful).
    And is that the first three Star Wars made? Or chapters 1-3? (If the former, then I’ll never understand why Empire is constantly bigged up these days. I remember it as the dull middle chapter before Jedi finally kicked it up a notch).
    Think thats… SQUIRREL!

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