Feeling encouraged

A bunch of the teens at the church who are now involved in leading the younger group are running the activities on the Pathfinder weekend away. One of them wanted details of a wide game challenge that I’d run with them seven years previously when they were ten!!
They remembered that it involved finding people, nucleur decontamination and Lego …. and that it was FUN. It took me a while to locate the grey cells of my brain that even vaguely recollected this, BUT I had a trawl back through some old backed up files and managed to unearth it. I was so chuffed they’d remembered it (especially as I’d forgotten it).
I may even post it up here after there weekend away so I can find it again 🙂

2 Replies to “Feeling encouraged”

  1. 4 pieces of string, an elestic band, some rubber gloves and a creme egg to be exchanged for the secret instruction manual…
    even *I* remember that one!

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