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  1. And the book Rowan mentions (Chasing Francis by Ian Morgan Cron) is well worth a read too. It’s a fictionalised account of a modern US pastor encountering St Francis of Assisi, and a good quick read. (In contrast the questions in the study guide at the end would take a lifetime to answer.) I loved the idea of only being labelled a ‘come-and-see Christian’ going to a ‘come-and-see church’ (as in John 1:39a). BTW the baddy in the book is the youth worker who makes a church takeover attempt from the beleaguered and not entirely sympatico pastor-cum-hero.

  2. Andrew,
    Thanks for that, I may well track down the book as it sounded well worth a read, even more so now with a youth worker as the baddy, eek
    I wonder if anyone ever does sit down with the study questions at the end of a book? I always mean too but it rarely happens

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