Be still and know that I am God

I was part of a great chat yesterday with a bunch of Youth Ministers and Brother Paolo of Taize. We were talking about sustaining our calling and spiritual life and musing thereon.
I was thinking about this again today when some scribblings unexpectedly emerged from the lower mesozoic strata layers of my ‘In’ tray. It was a series of questions we’d arrive at on the Depth Retreat as a kind of sustaining ministry personal Offsted questionnaire
They are:

  • Where have I built in rhythm and ritual to my life?
  • Where am I falling into the trap of doing things that are more about justifying myself/my role?
  • Where am I embracing silence?
  • Where am I ending up adding to an unhealthiness of life?
  • Do I know when I’m next spending time with the friendships and relationship that sustain me?
  • Where is the time where I can question?
  • Where do I rest?

wool view.jpg
It wasn’t a complete of comprehensive piece of work but it was interesting. Feel free to add or subtract from the list.

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  1. Certainly the evening event at St Clement’s was a lovely way to end the day; a blessing in itself and providing food for thought and meditation. Thanks for your part in organising it.

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