And so your back

Apologies for the lack of Youth Adviser cover* during my week off and for the blog being bereft of either intelligent commentary or my usual scribblings. But I’m back and the ‘Bat desk’** is now manned (as I work through a zillion e-mails).
The week off was awesome and I spent a goodly amount of time landscaping the garden, I now have a nine square metre patch of level grass and a set of steps up to the ‘national shed museum!’ I also spent quality time in the Chainsaw shop but so far have failed to commit to exactly which make/bar-length/engine-size is required.
The pond I built last year was a marsh*** of activity as a variety of of local amphibia turned it into a churning batrachian love nest. I’m pleased to announce the safe arrival of much spawn.
In a kind of ‘most boring blog in the world’ stylee here’s a Show and Tell picture of the new improved section of garden above the decking. I decided a photo of the goings on in the pond were a bit too racy for this blog.
garden step phase 2.jpg
* To the Diocese I’m the 67th emergency service
** If you need me project an image of the Diocesan logo onto the clouds and I can shout, “Quick, to the Bat Estate-Car”
*** I know that the expression is normally ‘hive of activity’ but this somehow didn’t fit within the narrative

8 Replies to “And so your back”

  1. my husband would say that as long as it’s a sthil you’ll be fine!
    but then he is marketing manager for a farming co-operative that sell sthil and i now have a supply of key rings from sthil with a little man wielding a chainsaw and dressed in appropriate safety gear!!

  2. I’m loving the use of the word ‘batrachian’ in the blogsphere – teaching us as always Mr Youthblog. I’m glad you had a good week off, blessings Si

  3. Personally, I would have gone to town with an onomatopoeic overkill description of the murky pond as:
    “turned it in to a shadowy sizzling salientian spawning site”

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