10 Commandments re-visited

Recently visited a really sassy and fun youth group that was part of a church in Buckinghamshire. I noticed that the following week they were to be discussing the 10 commandments and also planned to come up with ’10’ from their perspective. I asked if they’d send me what they came up with, and they did ……
1) Don’t give into peer pressure
2) Take Risk’s – don’t not do things just because you fear them.
3) Be proud of being a Christian
4) Parents should financially support their children if they leave to have another family etc
5) Tell as many people about God, don’t hold back when they are ready to hear it.
6) Respect yourself
7) Live for the moment not in the past
8) You should socialise – don’t be a loner
9) Be honest if it would be good for them
10) Love God with all your heart, soul mind and strength.

I love the list they came up with and there is both wisdom and useful cultural insight here, enjoy! I also note that a number 11 crept in …….. not very theological, but quite practical
11) If you do something bad don’t get caught