What is this life if full of slog
We have no time to stop and blog.
No time to post, and pose the how?
Or why, or if …. or just the now.
No time to blog the thoughts that pass
Or comment when a reader asks.
No time to see if someone’s right,
When pointing out our oversights.
No time to click and gently glance,
At other bloggers’ circumstance.
A poor life this, if full of slog
With no time left to stop and blog.

I’ve already posted this re-write of Willam Henry Davies that I penned BUT it’s so apt I’m going to fling it into the blogosphere once more and hope you’ll merely blink and ascribe it to de ja vu rather the lazy re-posting.
Life is somewhat brisk at the moment with my dad still extremely ill in hospital in Birmingham and the frequent journeys that involves, as well as the usual melee of work (and there seems to be a lot happening at the moment), family and random other stuff.
In order to retain some balance (something I’m passionate about) some things have had to take a back-burner; blogging, cycling and deadlines being the main casualties.
I have managed to complete Youthwork update, the Yellow Braces info, oh … and the Taize flyer. If any of these are of interest to you then please click and download:
Update Feb 2010finalpress.pdf
booklet 2010completedfinal.pdf
Yellow Braces main flyer 2010.pdf
Off to run a day for Clergy on ‘Confirmation Preparation’ now so I’ll catch up with you later.