Christian Cottage

Popping onto Face Book yesterday in order to engage in a little word to word combat via the Scrabble board, I was amused to find one of the adverts (presumably tailored to my interests) was for some Christian Cottages in France!
christin cottages2.jpg
This immediately set me off wondering how one could have a Christian cottage without spiritualiising and anthropomorphizing a set of bricks and mortar. The obvious answer was that it was probably the same as a secular cottage but with walls displaying cheesy posters incorporating out of context bible verses.
Further reflection though led me to the conclusion that it must be a converted (praise God!) Farmhouse built on a sure foundation! *groan*
And be called whatever the French for ‘maranatha’ is

One Reply to “Christian Cottage”

  1. *groans*
    maranatha presumeably would be Viens Signeur!
    (I fink!) my Spanish learning is clouding my French brain!
    Could it also be a cottage which was “on the way”??

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